Elle Weickes – The Author

Elle Weickes is a pen name for my fiction writing. Though I’ve written my entire life, it has been in the technical/web field. In order to separate my non-fiction persona from my fiction, I use a name I’ve loved since childhood and a surname that has been shortened in honor of my father.

Latte Librarian – The Blogger

In 2005, while attending college to reclaim my ‘creative’ side, I began blogging under an avatar another student was kind enough to create for me during class one day. Taking my love of creamy tea latte’s and my librarian tendencies, I came up with my blogging persona. She’s been out of the game for awhile but hopefully it is time to dust her off and bring here back out into the world.

The Angry Hippy – The Gardener

I can’t claim to be a perfect metaphysical, new-age, buddhist, hippy, naturalist type. I kill spiders if they invade my home, they aren’t paying rent after all. I love bacon and steak and all sorts of other meaty things. But what I do, I do with my whole heart. Grow things. Reduce my carbon footprint. Cook, craft, and create. Love, support, and help others with the talents I’ve been given.