I’m not overly fond of winter.

I understand it’s necessities. I understand that winter is like the earth taking a well deserved nap in some cases. But us humans, well we can’t nap the entire winter away… maybe some day we can recline huddled in our homes staring at the wind and rain and snow. Sigh and go back to reading our book. But today, most of us have to work through it.

Kudos to those of you that love it.

Every winter I plan on being the good ant, and not the grasshopper. You should know the story.

It appears that I am the grasshopper. For winter is when I plot and plan. I stall and stare outside. I think back to all I didn’t accomplish during the year past that means I have to work through this winter again, when all I really want to do is read and write and drink copious amounts of tea.

I don’t like layers of clothing or blankets. I’ve lived in a predominantly wintery place for over half my life and still wonder why am I still here. I’m a sun child. I’m solar powered!

The fault is mine. So many things to do and take care of.

Not this year.

Winter is over, but winter is going to come again.

This year… I AM THE ANT!